Human Behaviour Detection and Critical Incident Management Training

Human Behaviour Detection & Critical Incident Management Training (8 Hours)

Facilitated by Scott Harris and / or John Matus (bTAQ), these 8hr courses are aimed at the forward-facing operational team members who move frequently around the site and precincts and engage regularly with customers, members of the public and the wider community in the normal course of their duties.

Whilst initial commentary following an Active Armed Offender Incident often suggests that incidents occur without warning, post event analysis invariably highlights the numerous occasions that an offender has entered the target precinct or facility to conduct hostile reconnaissance, surveillance and planning. It is during these moments that the offender is particularly vulnerable, with Behavioural Detection techniques significantly improving an organisations opportunity to detect, deter and disrupt an AAOI from occurring.

The use of bTAQ Behavioural Detection techniques to improve an organisations capability to identify AAOI, terrorism and criminal planning, combined with Workforce Resilience’s AAOI best practice incident response procedures delivers a world class training program that covers all aspects of prevention, preparation, response and recovery. Sessions are based on best practice and have been specifically developed to ensure that your people are armed with reliable and contemporary information and advice to deliver the most successful outcomes for your organisation and the individual. Recommended participants include:

  • Facility, WHS, HR and Operations Management team members
  • Concierge and Reception Desk team members
  • Security team/s
  • Event team members
  • Cleaning team members
  • Maintenance team members
  • Other relevant forward-facing staff

This training has been developed by industry and subject matter experts and training sessions are best facilitated face to face.

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‘Scott! A massive thank you for the support you are providing to our Big W team. We continue to receive feedback on how this training has been taken away and utilised in stores including examples where store leaders have defaulted back to what they’ve learnt to safely navigate their team through serious situations – Donna & the Big W team’.

Donna McGrath
Safety Partner, Big W

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