Crisis & Emergency Management

With organisations facing increasingly frequent and more challenging disruption to their workplaces, it has never been more important to ensure that your workforce is prepared for all incidents, emergencies and crisis likely to interrupt your business operations.

Workforce Resilience will partner with you to ensure that your team is prepared for the expected and unexpected disruptions to your business and that you:

  • Have the most effective and proven strategies in place.
  • Know how to respond to ensure and go home safely at the end of an incident.
  • Are in a position following an incident, to respond to questions from the authorities, insurance companies, the media and most importantly the families of people who may be at risk.
  • Will be prepared to re-establish business continuity and recover effectively
  • Will bounce forward stronger and more resilient.

Whether you require your current emergency management or crisis plans to be reviewed or updated, or you don’t have these strategies in place and need new documents designed, and subsequently tested through desktop scenarios and exercises, the experienced team at WR can provide for all of your requirements.

‘Scott! A massive thank you for the support you are providing to our Big W team. We continue to receive feedback on how this training has been taken away and utilised in stores including examples where store leaders have defaulted back to what they’ve learnt to safely navigate their team through serious situations – Donna & the Big W team’.

Donna McGrath
Safety Partner, Big W

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