Dealing with Conflict & Customer Aggression

If your workplace has customers, clients, or visitors, it is inevitable that you, your colleagues, and even your customers will be challenged or impacted by difficult, aggressive or potentially violent people. As one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading Frontline Safety and Security Awareness training provider, Workforce Resilience will partner with you to ensure that you and your team know:

  • How to establish processes designed to prevent incidents in your workplace.
  • How to quickly identify potential risk, threats, and escalating behaviours.
  • How to act with confidence when interacting with difficult stakeholders.
  • Decision making skills to ensure that all stakeholders remain safe, and are able to go home safely at the end of their workday.
  • What words to use to get the best outcomes, and how body language and tone of voice need to match your words.
  • How to know when words aren’t working, when to stop talking, and when to take alternative steps to maintain safety.

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