About Us

Workforce Resilience (WR) is an Australian based professional services consulting firm, focused on delivering tailored security, risk, work health safety, critical incident and emergency management strategies, solutions and training to organisations of all sizes, across all sectors and in all locations in Australia, New Zealand, or wherever we are needed.

Founded in Brisbane in 2015, WR partners with organisations to assist their board, leadership team and key stakeholders to recognise the importance of ensuring and enhancing the safety, security, and wellbeing of their people, infrastructure, information, intellectual property, and reputation.


Our team

Why choose us

International Delivery

Regardless of your location, Workforce Resilience has the capacity to deliver our innovative services internationally. 

Award Winning

Our Director, Scott, has been the recipient of numerous awards for his contribution to organisational resilience strategy.

Extensive Capabilities

Our specialised and tailored services are delivered by qualified experts and backed by the latest evidence-based research.

Diverse Portfolio

We deliver our solutions to both private and public sector organisations across a diverse range of industries.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with businesses to enhance organisational resilience and create safe, secure, healthy and highly efficient workplaces.

Our Vision

To create a consistent approach to Resilience across all industry and sector groups relative to risk, security, safety and the preparation for, prevention of, response to and recovery from critical incidents and emergencies.

Our Values

Honesty | Fairness | Inclusivity | Integrity | Courage | Partnerships | Empathy | Consistency | Innovation

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