The review of Brisbane Grammar School (Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Physical Security and Work Health and Safety) was managed professionally by the Workforce Resilience team and they continue to provide additional assistance. I would commend Scott Harris and Workforce Resilience to any school interested in assessing its capacity to deliver a safe and secure environment for its community.

Anthony Micallef
Headmaster,, Brisbane Grammar School

Great to attend your Active Armed Offender Incident – Human Behaviour Detection Open Series Seminar in Melbourne recently. Fantastic session, learnt so much, thank you Scott and John.

Selma Bahtiyar
Health, Safety & Compliance Manager, Chadstone Shopping Centre , Vicinity Centres

“A massive overdue thank you Scott from me and the team at 7news. From start to finish, you went out of your way to help us and give us honest and accurate information. Our coverage was a huge success and that came down to our preplanning and the help of a few external people like yourself. Please call if I can ever payback the help.”

Craig Dyer
Head of News Operations, Brisbane, 7 News

“Thank you for your tremendous support, availability and knowledge of the banking system. You brought G20 preparedness alive for our people and our leaders in Brisbane. The comms protocols we had for mass messaging of our people in the event of a G20 related incident was used to good effect during the recent hailstorms. That we had tested for G20 meant they worked quickly.”

Craig Moroz
Executive Manager, Crisis and Emergency Management , Westpac

“Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance pre and during the G20 Leaders Summit. You were so helpful on numerous occasions with your presentations to tenants within Riparian Plaza. You are a gifted communicator and your name is now known across town in the property industry for the excellent job you did in keeping the calm and reporting the facts pre-event.”

Kim Knox
General Manager, Riparian Plaza

“We are so incredibly grateful for your informative and relevant presentations that you provided to our retails yesterday.
Your dedication in ensuring that the correct message gets through is commendable – considering you were required to first present at 7.30am then later at our presentation that didn’t finish until after 9pm and you did so without any loss of passion for what you are delivering. Not only is your time sincerely appreciated, your knowledge and empathy for what businesses face during this time is invaluable.”

Anita Brown
Area Centre Manager, Myer Centre & Queens Plaza

“Just wanted to say thanks for your visit to us at B105 and Triple M yesterday – your info was tailored, timely, humorous and easy to absorb. Our team all made mention of the fact you were the most interesting Police person they’d ever heard – high praise!”

Natasha Jobson
News Director - Brisbane , Southern Cross Austereo

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