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The review of Brisbane Grammar School (Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Physical Security and Work Health and Safety) was managed professionally by the Workforce Resilience team and they continue to provide additional assistance. I would commend Scott Harris and Workforce Resilience to any school interested in assessing its capacity to deliver a safe and secure environment for its community.

Anthony Micallef
Headmaster,, Brisbane Grammar School

Active Armed Offender Incident Solutions

The threat from Active Armed Offender Incidents (AAOI’s) within Australia continues to be significant. Incidents can take place without warning, in any location, impact any organisation either directly or indirectly and vary in size and motivation.

No longer can we simply plan for fire evacuations or perhaps an armed robbery incident. In this day and age, it is essential to consider all of the potential incidents that could occur in your workplace or precinct and ensure that a plan is in place to ensure that your leadership team and workforce are equipped with the most contemporary skills and procedures to assist them in ensuring that their clients, stakeholders, visitors and colleagues remain safe through the adoption of the main components of the Active Armed Offender Incident continuum – Escape / Hide / Act / Tell.

The term, ‘Active Shooter’ is no longer appropriate for describing an incident where an offender uses multiple modes of attack or an alternative to a firearm.

An Active Armed Offender Incident can be defined as:
​’An incident where an offender/s is armed with any weapon (e.g. Firearm, knife, explosives or improvised weapon including a vehicle) and is actively engaged in killing or attempting to cause serious harm to multiple people in crowded or confined places.’

Workforce Resilience AAOI plans and procedures have been developed following extensive research into best practice both here and abroad (including the ANZCTC Guidelines) and are designed to ensure that your organisations leadership team and workforce are prepared for, can prevent, respond to and recover from a critical incident.

For a copy of our current capability statement and more information on plan and procedural development, please contact us!

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