Security Vulnerability Risk Assessments

Detailed site specific threat and vulnerability assessments are a critical element in delivering comprehensive security solutions for your business or organisation. Considered to be a key precursor to a broader package of services, an assessment provides a clear snapshot of your organisations threats and vulnerabilities at one particular point in time which will better inform the development of strategies and treatments for enhancing your security footprint and maintaining the safety of your workforce and infrastructure.

Assessments are intended to assist in the justification of any actions and investment that may be required to protect your organisations critical assets against ongoing security threats.

The Federal Government ANZCTC Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism Guidelines provides advice that owners and operators have a responsibility to undertake a risk assessment / vulnerability analysis of their crowded place and implement mitigation,,,personal liability can attach to some of these obligations if breached.

​Assessments are intended to assist in addressing issues at your site/s which if left untreated, would be likely to create:
Disruption or significant impact to business and operations.
Impacts on the safety of the occupants (staff, stakeholders and visitors).
Unwanted media coverage or negative publicity.
Reputational damage.

​Vulnerabilities and threats can be assessed relative to three key areas of security:

  • Physical
  • Personnel
  • Information / Cyber (IT). ​
How can we help you?

Our experienced professionals help you to understand the security challenges that exist in your workplace and provide solutions that reduce your potential for risk.

The review of Brisbane Grammar School (Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Physical Security and Work Health and Safety) was managed professionally by the Workforce Resilience team and they continue to provide additional assistance. I would commend Scott Harris and Workforce Resilience to any school interested in assessing its capacity to deliver a safe and secure environment for its community.

Anthony Micallef
Headmaster,, Brisbane Grammar School

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