Scenario Planning and Facilitation

An organisation’s plans and procedures are only effective in an environment where the workforce have had an opportunity to test them under controlled exercises (whether desktop or site). Workforce Resilience can assist with developing and facilitating realistic and contemporary scenarios across a range of potential incidents.

Often a scenario / exercise is an effective way to commence engagement with Workforce Resilience as it enables a quick snap shot of your organisations strengths and weaknesses prior to undertaking a detailed vulnerability assessment and development of comprehensive plans and procedures.

For a copy of our current capability statement and more information on scenario planning and facilitation, please contact us!

How can we help you?

Our experienced professionals help you to understand the security challenges that exist in your workplace and provide solutions that reduce your potential for risk.

The review of Brisbane Grammar School (Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Physical Security and Work Health and Safety) was managed professionally by the Workforce Resilience team and they continue to provide additional assistance. I would commend Scott Harris and Workforce Resilience to any school interested in assessing its capacity to deliver a safe and secure environment for its community.

Anthony Micallef
Headmaster,, Brisbane Grammar School

Test Realistic Scenarios